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Tomtom YDG1.2.16.rar [March-2022]


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The in-game name is "Super Star Destroyer" (SSD) The game can be found in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Store. Features Story Astro Coast is a space shooter set in an alternate universe in the year 3111 A.D. Plot The Federation and its allied forces were able to destroy the enemy warship, the USS Diamant, although its crew of 7,000 succeeded in sending it back to the year 2202. As of 2300, the ship disappeared from the galaxy without a trace. Since then, only the ship's captain was able to remember the ship's course and their mission. However, because of its importance to the future of the galaxy, the Ministry of Defense established a research center to discover the ship. In the year 3111 A.D., the Federation's ground forces were marching on the enemy capital city of Balcony. However, they were unable to achieve victory. A total of 6,500 enemy soldiers, also known as the "New Order Army", had been entrenched in the city for two days, and the enemy was able to reinforce the massive machine-gun pillboxes, antiaircraft cannons, and ground guns. For a brief moment, a Federation soldier was able to cross the makeshift bridge, only to be shot in the head by an enemy soldier. The Federation soldier's corpse lay on the ground, where it was promptly used by the enemy soldier to dig a large hole. The soldiers remaining in the bridge fortification all fled in panic after seeing the strange figure inside the hole and destroying the barricade that separated the two sides. The man crawled out and ran towards the Federation's position, where he was met by a group of Federation soldiers. The man, who was bleeding, tried to call for help with a communicator. However, the sound of a ship's alarm rang throughout the battlefield, and the man was met by a barrage of bullets. After being fatally wounded, the man's last words were, "Stop the war!" The Federation forces lost their commander. The Federation Council and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces were extremely shocked at the loss of their commander, and the Council quickly gave the order to retreat. A single Federation soldier tried to stay behind to defend the bridge, but was quickly killed by the New Order Army. The enemy had conquered the capital, and the Federation forces were forced to retreat. At that moment, an unknown enemy force attacked





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Tomtom YDG1.2.16.rar [March-2022]
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